Bristol Village Homes


Bristol Village has nearly 400 stand-alone houses. Although the neighborhood landscape reflects the 50 year history of the village, with many mature street trees, the original homes have seen alot of remodeling, and many of the older homes have been completely replaced. New residents have the option to move in to an existing home, or have a new house built from a selection of standard customizable plans.

Village residents enjoy the freedom to customize their homes and grounds, and most residents maintain their own landscaping and flower gardens. (Residents who want to do large scale gardening take a plot in the area operated by the Garden Club.)

The several miles of sidewalks and walking paths make Bristol Village a walkers paradise. There are small parks and special landscaped areas that make touring the Village a delight.

Click here for a walking tour of Bristol Village Homes.

Homes vary in size from 800 to 2400 square feet. Monthly maintenance fees are based on the size of the home.

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